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The Wedding Night and more NEW RELEASES!!

To Capture A Highlander's Heart: The Wedding Night is FINISHED!!!
This project was supposed to be a novella but turned into a full-length novel at 73,724 words. This is the third installment of my Highland Moonlight Spinoff series. I know my readers have waited a long time for it. So, I've tried to give them something worth waiting for. I believe I've succeeded.

Here's the blurb:

The banns are posted and the wedding is only a few days away. Grace MacNab is looking forward to being Gabriel Campbell’s wife, despite the doubts his reticence has cast.

Wracked by fever from a recent battle injury, Gabriel thinks of little else but reaching Grace. The close call has left him eager to confess how deeply he loves her.

But someone from her past has arrived at Caisteal Sith, bringing news that threatens to rip them apart. Can the two fight tradition and win? Or will their chance at happiness be forever out of reach?

Here's an Excerpt to wet your appetite:

“No one will force you to wed him, Grace.”
“If he has petitioned the king, and the king agrees, I will have no choice, Gabriel.”
The fear he read in her face triggered a rush of protective possessiveness. “I winna allow it. You belong t’ me, Grace.”
“We both ken you canna, nay, winna defy your king. You would have no more choice than I.” She reached for his hands and gripped them. “Lord Alexander has set into place the means t’ free me from this. But I must pretend, when the time comes, t’ give Lord Ramsay’s offer as much thought as I have yours. I dinna wish to. To be in the room with him gives my stomach an ugly turn.” She shuddered.
He would not lose her. He had been foolish not to proclaim his love for her. But to do so now would make the declaration seem less than sincere.
To imagine her in another man’s arms triggered such pain and rage he wanted to pound the man to dust. And to know that she might be in danger, and he could not protect her…
“Derrick said Lord Alexander has posted guards throughout the family wing. If he is showing such caution, he must believe there is some threat. You must take great care, Grace. Dinna give Ramsay or any of his men quarter.”
“I will not. But you must do the same. His chambers are just down the passageway from here. Derrick will stay here until you are stronger. And there will be guards posted outside.”
He silently cursed his weakened state.
“Let me see your arm. I will tend it, and then I must go.” She rose to retrieve the small earthenware pot of water laced with herbs and vinegar Derrick had used on the wound earlier. It had burned like a hot coal, but the wound had felt better afterward. She gathered fresh bandages from a small table.
He extended the limb and watched while she gently unwrapped it. The dressing came away easily. The discharge was clearer, and the wound less inflamed, but he would still have to pamper the limb until it healed completely. The scar it left behind would be a reminder of the moment he was injured, and of this one. He leaned back against the pillows to rest, and cursed the fever, for it drained his strength when he needed it most.
“Derrick said you stood again’ him when he wanted t’ take my arm.”
“’I knew you would never forgive us, should we maim you so terribly.” Her throat worked as she swallowed. “I pray I am never forced to make such a decision again.”
He tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear with a fingertip. “I will do my best, a ghrĂ idh.
She glanced up from the task of wetting a cloth in the briny water. Gabriel steeled himself against the sting when she laid the rag over the injury before quickly cleaning and bandaging it.
Her gray gaze, darkened by the candlelight, focused on his face. “Dinna promise somethin’ you canna give, Gabriel.”
“Do you think me incapable of such feelings, then?”
“Nay. But with all that has happened… I would ask you t’ be certain of what you want. You are an honorable man. Lord Ramsay is not and will not behave as one. You may find what you feel for me is not worth such a struggle. Not worthy of such a sacrifice.”
It was his own fault she doubted his affection for her. A hollow ache built in the pit of his stomach at the pain he read beneath her careful composure. “Grace…” He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss away her doubts, but the stiffness of her demeanor prevented him from doing so. “I’ve wanted very badly t’ take you to me. To lay claim to every part of you, and show you how much you are wanted, needed. I have wanted to carry you from the castle to my wee hut… and see you there sharing not just my bed, but all that I have, holding a wee babe we have made together t’ your breast. Those are na the visions of a man who doesna hold you in the highest affection.”
Tears glimmered in her eyes. “If we could remain here and share those things, ‘twould be my fondest wish, but Lord Alexander said I canna refuse the gift, for it would be an insult to the king. And because the crown has acknowledged my noble birth…we may only wed through special permission from the crown.”
“I have refused to sign the charter. ’Twill grant us some time for now, but should Lord Ramsay press the matter, I will be forced t’ sign it. And with my name upon it, the regent will have the power t’ choose my husband. And Lord Ramsay, though he has not broached the subject with me, has made his wishes known t’ Lord Alexander. He wishes to wed me to gain the MacNab holdings.”
How was he to fight this enemy who could win the battle because of his heritage? He had fought beside his king and asked for nothing, but he would now. And what if he still could not win? 
For those who wish to preorder the book: 
And the other two parts of the series are extremely affordable

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This whole series came about through my first published book Highland Moonlight so if you're interested in learning about how Grace and Gabriel were first conceptualized, I've posted the link to the book and the blurb below. 

Seduced and shamed by Alexander Campbell, the warrior to whom she is betrothed, Lady Mary Mac Lachlan flees to the Campbell stronghold of Castle Lorne and demands sanctuary from Alexander's father. 
Though Alexander seduced Mary for her own protection and his men's, his actions have greater repercussions than expected. His betrayal destroys Mary's trust and his belief in himself as a man of honor. Determined to heal the breach, and claim Mary--who now carries his heir--as his wife, he follows her to Lorne and finds himself brought before a council of arbitration on charges of rape. 
When Collin Mac Lachlan, Mary's father tries to coerce her into testifying against Alexander, Mary refuses. But when violence threatens to break out between their clans, Mary is forced to wed him to fulfill their betrothal agreement and save him from the executioner. 
Amid the hostilities between their clans and the wounds inflicted on her heart, can Mary find the love and happiness she's always craved or will she discover she's been chasing a dream as illusive as Highland Moonlight.

My Friend L.J. Charles has a new release due out March 4th. It's the another book in her TAP Team Series. Pierce and Everly are two of my favorite characters. And  I've been reading these books since the Everly Gray series so I know you'll enjoy this one!!

Here's the blurb: 

And the countdown begins…
Vlad Koslov has a vendetta, and Tynan Pierce is his target.
Pierce has sworn to protect two material witnesses—a routine job for his company, TaP Security, until Koslov accepts a contract with organized crime to assassinate the witnesses.
Seventeen years of history and hatred explode when Koslov discovers Pierce is the obstacle protecting his targets. The evil born deep in Koslov’s psyche pushes him to delay fulfilling the contract so he can achieve his vendetta by eliminating Pierce’s family and friends. One. By. One.
Everly Gray, Pierce’s wife and partner, isn’t about to allow Koslov to murder the people she holds dear, especially not her husband
Pierce and Everly stand together as the TaP Team. Their mission: to protect the innocent in the chaos of a perfect storm.
Buy links:

And From my Friend Candace Clark.  WELCOME TO LOVELY. The first book of a new series!!

Candace Clark - Welcome To LovelyBluBlurb: 

From author, Candace Clark comes a new romantic mystery set in the small town of Lovely.
Here's the BLURB:
Discover what evil lurks in the shadows as Samantha Roberts puts her life in danger, and their love on the line, helping Detective Daniel Drake unravel this mystery..... WELCOME TO LOVELY.
Lovely is a charming place tucked deep in the Appalachian Mountains. One hot August morning the sleepy little town awakens to the horrific murder of the beautiful, yet troubled, Emily Teller. The killing doesn’t stop with her.
Putting newly appointed Detective Daniel Drake to the test, the Lovely murders, call into question his promotion and push his relationship with local television reporter Samantha Roberts to the limits. Nothing is more important to Daniel than catching the killer tormenting his town. At least, that's what he thinks.
For Samantha Roberts, the Lovely murders are the breaking news story she thought she wanted. An opportunity that could propel her career to the next level, but that would mean leaving Lovely and Daniel behind. Are the murders the wish that becomes a curse?
While Samantha and Daniel struggle to deal with their professional demons, Lovely’s time as a safe, innocent, small town fades into the hills that protect it from the outside world.
Release date for this title is February 23, 2016.

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