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New Release by Young Adult Author Amy Durham

Young Adult Romance Author Amy Durham has a new release out April 11, 2016.  I wanted to help her spread the word. This is the second book of the Resolution Series. 

Gabe Jenkins has a secret…

Nobody knows that Gabe Jenkins comes from money… and from scandal. And he wants to keep it that way. He’s perfectly happy managing Ugly Mug, a coffee shop in Flagstaff, Arizona, leaving his trust fund untouched and his past in Kansas City buried.

That is until Rachelle Taya finds herself in desperate need of money.

Rachelle comes from nothing. The daughter of a single mother who barely scraped enough together to keep them fed, Rachelle knows the meaning of hard work and hard times. Finally standing on her own two feet, the last thing she wants is charity. From anyone.

Gabe’s had his eye on Rachelle for some time. Tired of waiting for her to get the hint, Gabe steps up his game. Their romance is just beginning when news of Rachelle’s long-absent, no-good father surfaces, drowning her mother in a major financial crisis. Gabe has the means to make her problems go away, but that will mean revealing his past and bruising Rachelle’s pride. Can he find a way to help while still hiding his secret?

And when the truth is finally exposed, will their love be destroyed by Gabe’s secret?


GABE’S SECRET is book #2 in the “Resolution Series”, however, it can be read as a standalone. 


When Frank Sinatra’s voice slides smoothly from the speaker, my heart melts into a liquid mess of romance and emotion. Gabe wasn’t kidding about his love for classic jazz.
“Is that a whole playlist of Sinatra?” I ask as he walks toward me holding out his hand.
“It is.” He takes my hand and pulls me to him, his other hand settling on the small of my back. Lifting our clasped hands to his lips, he places a kiss on my fingers before beginning to sway gently to the music.
Gabe sings along, and so do I, and over the course of several songs he spins me around the living room like a pro. I love this side of him, the fun-loving, wacky guy who can turn any situation into something to smile about. But then the music slows, and our laughter turns to soft, sweet gazes, as Gabe pulls me against him.
“I love this one,” he whispers, his lips grazing my ear.
“Me too.” I lay my head against his chest and snuggle close as the melody of When My Heart Stood Still floats from the speaker.
The air around us changes; becomes charged with a feeling of hyperawareness. I’m focused on every move he makes, every breath he takes. The press of his hand on my back becomes heavier. His breath against my ear becomes warmer.
Unclasping the hands we have twined together, he slides his fingers into the hair at the back of my neck. I lift my head to look at him just as his other hands moves from my back to come to rest against my neck. My breath stops… backing up into my lungs as I stare into his bright blue eyes.
It’s that moment of anticipation, when the excitement of knowing what’s coming but not knowing what it will be like consumes every molecule in your body. Part of me wants to stay right here, in this moment, for the rest of my life, but a bigger, stronger part wants desperately to finally know the feel of Gabe’s lips on mine.
And as the Sinatra’s words ring out - about a man taking one look at a woman and his heart standing still - Gabe finally lowers his head.
The first press of his mouth is tender, a gentle brush of lips that steals my breath and makes my heart stutter. And then he sinks deeper into the kiss, tilting my head to the side and urging my lips open. Carefree Gabe is nowhere to be found, but in-charge Gabe is all over me.
The other day when I was disappointed that he didn’t kiss me after Harrison’s interruption? Yeah, I’m not complaining anymore. I can’t imagine anything more amazing than this first kiss.
I snake my arms around his back, my hands kneading the muscles there. His hands finally leave my neck so that his arms can wrap me up in their strength. I have no idea how long we stand there tangled up together. The song changes several times, but neither of us pays attention.
Everything else just fades away in the maelstrom of Gabe’s kiss.

The kiss slows, and gradually Gabe pulls back, just enough so he can look at me. He leaves our foreheads and noses pressed together and then smiles, his blue eyes sparkling in the afterglow.

Book #1, ASHER’S MARK, can be purchased here:
ASHER'S MARK will be going free 4/10 and 4/11 in celebration the release of GABE'S SECRET!!! So snap it up!! 

I've read both books and I love Amy's voice. If you're a reader of Young Adult Romance, these need to be on your book shelf. 

An update on Breaking Out: 
I've just passed 200 pages on the next SEAL Team Heartbreaker book. Busy building the relationship between Piper Bertinelli and Ensign Zach O'Connor aka Doc and continuing Cal and Kathleen's story.

Here's the design for my magnet for Doc.  I have magnets for each one of my SEAL Team Heartbreaker books. Can't wait to get this uploaded. And add some more eye candy to my refrigerator. 

Here's the working blurb for the book: 

Navy SEAL Ensign Zach O’ Connor is facing another deployment when he is injured during training and forced to take time off to heal. When a military war dog darts in front of his car and Zach can’t avoid hitting her he meets veterinarian Dr. Piper Bertinelli. In spite of his instant attraction to the beautiful doctor, Zach was dumped before, and isn't interested in a long-term relationship. His past attachment interfered with his ability to do his job and nearly cost him his career. He’ll never allow feelings to make him lose sight of what really matters again.

Violence and heartache have nearly shattered Dr. Piper Bertinelli’s life, and the last thing she needs is to get attached to a military man scheduled to deploy. She’s drawn to Zach first because he reminds her of her ex-fiancé, and then more so because of his natural charisma. But Zach doesn’t want a commitment. He wants a distraction to fill his days until he goes back to his unit. Unable to resist, she convinces herself it will be harmless to date him until he deploys, but keeping her emotional distance isn’t natural or easy.

Piper's office is burglarized, and several dogs are stolen. She and Zach race to track the animals and discover who is responsible before they can be killed or sold. But when Piper is kidnapped, Zach finds his feelings are the only thing he has to go on. And he’s depending on them to lead him to the woman he loves.
Tentative release is June. I'll keep you posted as soon as the book is finished.

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