Friday, September 2, 2016

Checkout the October Magic and Mayhem Kindle World Authors!

These are the ladies who'll be releasing novellas for Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Kindle World Series. Release date in October!!! All of these are either free or $.99 so you'll be getting a bargain!! And lots of reading fun.

Peyton 313 FREE
Donna Donna Jane McDonald

The Daemon Of Synar FREE
Donna McDonald

Haunted on Bourbon Street FREE
Deanna Chase

Princess of the Pack FREE
Saranna DeWylde

Her Dragon To Slay FREE
Julia Lake Mills

Vidalia: A 'Not Quite' Vampire Love Story .99 CENTS
Julia Mills

My Furry Valentine .99 CENTS
Renee George

The Fae Next Door: Paranormal Romance .99 CENTS
Cherie Marks

Edge of Mercy (Young Adult Dystopian) FREE
C. C. Marks

Earth Witches Aren't Easy FREE
Heather Long

Deep Within The Shadows .99 CENTS
Teresa Reasor

Breaking Free  $.99
Teresa Reasor

Protecting Caroline FREE
Susan Stoker

Journey FREE
Claudy Conn

Shadow Love-Stalkers FREE
Claudy Conn

Happy Reading to all!
Teresa Reasor


Billie Jackson said...

I love Deep Within the Shadows!!!! Protecting Caroline is great to. I guess I had better check out a few others titles if these are the kind of books listed.

Teresa Reasor said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment and letting me know about that you enjoyed Deep Within The Shadows. And Protecting Caroline. We love to hear from readers. And yes. With so many books free or $.99 you'll have a wide range of different things to choose from. And I can guarantee that they'll all be worth your time to read. We have some great authors. Most I've read myself.

Thanks for swinging by!!