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BREAKING HEARTS Book 7 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers available and an excerpt.

I am so excited to announce that BREAKING HEARTS (Book 7 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers Series) is released.  This is Bowie's book. Bowie is the heartthrobe of the team and of course I had to make his path to love especially difficult. So instead of giving him a lady to woo, I gave him an extra hurdle. This old flame has three children. 


SEAL Lieutenant Bowie Rivera may have trouble recognizing the many women he’s dated in the past, but when he spots the woman who broke his heart ten years ago, his feelings come rushing back. After a brief, awkward exchange, he tries to escape until three men in a van attempt to abduct her right in front of him.

Running into Bowie Rivera is the last thing Alayna Wieland expects. She searched for him for years, then tried to move on with her life, but never recovered from losing him. And now she has too much baggage to deserve another chance.

Alayna’s ex-husband embezzled millions from not one, but several criminal organizations, telling them Alayna has the info they need to recover the money. With her and her young daughters in the crosshairs, Bowie steps in to keep them safe.

The cops decide to use her and the children as bait to capture her ex. But her ex has plans...plans that may cost them the second chance both she and Bowie long for...and much, much more.

An Excerpt 

 He moved past her to the refrigerator and got a bottle of water. His sleep pants, tied loosely, hung low on his hips, and his tank style T-shirt hugged his torso like a layer of skin. His shoulders looked a yard wide, the muscles in his arms bulging as he sat down across from her and cupped his water bottle in front of him.
Try as she might, she couldn’t drag her eyes away from him. He was beautiful. His body perfect. She knew from memory that his hair was thick and little coarse to the touch. His skin smooth and warm. His lips and tongue as talented as his hands. She raised her tea and took a cautious sip to moisten a mouth so dry with desire she couldn’t have swallowed without it.
Bowie waited for her to put the cup down, then laid a hand over hers, his brown eyes focused on her intently. “What have you been working on?”
“A list of Aaron’s friends and business associates who might offer him help.”
“Put it away for a while, Alayna.” He ran his thumb over the back of her hand.
That small caress drained the strength from her limbs and had her heart leaping. 
He raked his fingers through his hair from front to crown, thick, straight layers falling like a sable’s pelt back in place.  “I’ve been thinking too much to sleep too.”
She glanced up. His nose was thin, the nostrils flared, his forehead broad, and his jaw strong. His mouth was a thing of beauty. She could see the imprint of his Spanish heritage on his features, but his Caucasian DNA marked them as well. She never tired of looking at him.
“I’ve never forgotten what we had before. Have you?”
“No. I haven’t forgotten.” Dear God, how could she forget?
“Do you ever think about what it could have been like for us?”
All the time. “Yes.”
 Her stomach tumbled with nerves. And was that hope?
“After all this stuff is over, I’d like for us to date again. If you’re up for it.”
Could she date Bowie? She wanted him with a hunger she hadn’t felt since... since they were together in high school.  Dating seemed a tame pursuit in light of the emotions roiling inside her.
The girls wouldn’t have to come into it. Would they? She was rationalizing it to keep from thinking about how much the girls would be hurt if something happened to him. If he deployed, and he left them.  She wanted to say yes but… “How can you forgive me so easily after what I did?”
“We were young, high school. It was a big commitment for us both. Your family has nothing to do with us now.”
They’d been in love. So in love.  She’d never stopped loving the boy. But he was a man now.  A man committed to the Navy and his country. He was different. Could she feel as deeply for him now as she had before?
And what about his family? After what Matt did to Ciro… She’d have to tell him eventually. And afterward? There was no way they’d accept her. How could he accept her?
“I haven’t had a date in three years, Bowie.”
“I’d say you’re due one, then.” His half smile flashed his dimples and punched her just beneath her heart, stealing her breath.
“I don’t suppose all the things we’ve been doing together with the girls could be called a date?”
“No. A real date would be just you and me doing something together we both enjoy.”  
 She could think of one or two things right at this moment she’d like to do with him. She told herself for years that those feelings had been forever deadened by everything that happened in her marriage. But Bowie jumpstarted them again with a vengeance. It was both a blessing and a curse.
She focused on their hands, because he’d somehow captured both of hers. She loved the darker tone of his skin, so warm against the paleness of hers. “What if we’ve built up all those memories to something they’re not? We may not be the same with each other.”
 When she met his eyes, he leaned forward, inviting her to meet him halfway. His gaze held hers, challenging, compelling. It seemed to take her forever to stand and lean across the table. His lips, warm and light, brushed hers, then separated, then came back for more.
She raised a hand to his jaw, his stubble prickling her fingertips, and she slid her hand behind his neck, drawing his mouth harder against hers.  Their tongues tangled, and desire swept through her like a brushfire. With quick, darting movements, he drew her tongue into his mouth. When she thrust her tongue forward, he sucked on it.
Rivulets of sensation worked their way downward, and she hummed beneath the pressure. An ache of need built in intimate places that had been a stranger to arousal for some time.
He broke the kiss, his lips warm against her cheek, her throat. “If you were on this side of the table with me, I’d already be inside you, Alayna.”
She couldn’t deny that. The fire of need he triggered inside her was still there. But they were adults now. Both of them had responsibilities. He to his country, his calling. Her to her children.
And then there was a past he knew nothing about. A past that might change everything between them.
She eased back down in her seat and took a sip of her cold tea. Inside, the need and frustration hammered away at her self-control and made her hand tremble. “I’d have to be in a coma not to want you.”
His quick smile flashed strong, white teeth and showed off his dimples. She wanted to grab him and drag him in for a longer duel of lips and tongues.    
“But—?” He frowned, his features serious.
She wanted to tell him then, but if she did, it might destroy everything building between them. “We need to move slowly, Bowie. Make sure there’s more between us than the attraction.”
“Agreed. I don’t know why you ended it...”
She owed him at least a partial explanation. “Because Harry Wieland is the most bigoted, hard-core son of a bitch on the planet. You should know that yourself. He’s a card-carrying white supremacist, and he’s raised Matt to be the same. He’d have found a way to either put you in the ground or have you spend the rest of your adult life in jail.”

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Billie Jackson said...

I should not have read this excerpt. It just made the wait harder! Three Weeks and counting!

Teresa Reasor said...

Thanks so much for commenting. I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt!! I'm as anxious as you are.