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Back in June, I had the honored of being asked to write a book for a brand new SEALS in Paradise Series.  I was thrilled to be able to say YES!! There are eight writers and nine books. Each book will release each Tuesday of September and October.  My book Hot SEAL, Rusty Nail will be out October 16th. It's 52,000 words so more than a novella.

Sept. 4 - Hot SEAL, Salty Dog  (Elle James)
Sept 11 Hot SEAL, Sex on the Beach (Delilah Devlin)
Sept 18 Hot SEAL, Dirty Martini  (Cat Johnson)
Sept 25 Hot SEAL, Bourbon Neat (Parker Kincade)
Oct 2 Hot SEAL, Red Wine (Becca Jameson)
Oct 9 Hot SEAL, Cold Beer (Cynthia D’Alba) 
Oct 16 Hot SEAL, Rusty Nail (Teresa Reasor)
Oct 23 Hot SEAL, Black Coffee (Cynthia D’Alba) 
Oct 31 Hot SEAL, Single Malt (Kris Michaels) 
Below are the blurbs and buy links for each book:

Hot SEAL, Salty Dog by Elle James  (Sept 4) - Navy SEAL on vacation in Mexico wakes up married to a jilted bride and retraces his steps to matrimony. 
Confirmed bachelor and Navy SEAL Chase Flannigan is celebrating his separation from the Navy in the tropical paradise of Cabo San Lucas. After a particularly hazy night, he wakes up with a ring on his finger and a beautiful woman in his bed, and no memory of how they got there. Stood up at the altar, jilted bride Maggie Neal snags her best friend and goes on her honeymoon, one groom short only to wind up in bed with a hot SEAL, married and extremely hungover. 
Together, Chase and Maggie take a walk down their fractured memories’ lane to discover how they ended up hitched. In the process, they discover a bullet hole in Chase’s baseball cap, a drug cartel with a vendetta against them and a burgeoning love born of respect and adventure, a love they never expected to find in paradise.
Hot SEAL, Salty Dog by Elle James

   Hot SEAL, Sex on the Beach by  Delilah Devlin (Sept. 11) - Navy SEAL
Carson Walsh is ready to live the good life. After surviving fifteen deployments in ten years, he bailed on the SEALs figuring this cat had run out of lives. Now living in Cabo San Lucas, the only danger he faces is choking on an oyster or drowning in beer--and then he meets her. 
Gina Tripp is the Calamity Jane of bounty hunters. She's the stand-in for an absent groom on her girlfriend's honeymoon in Cabo when she meets a cute guy with a nothing but sex on the beach in mind. But she has her sights set on scoring a huge bounty--an ex-pat skip hiding out in Mexico. All she has to do is figure out how to perform her own extradition of her target. One drunken night later and a wild ride on a drug-runner's plane, she's pretty relieved she hijacked a Navy SEAL to help her with the job, even if he's an unwilling participant who has to put his rusty skills to use to keep them both alive.
Hot SEAL, S*x on the Beach by Delilah Devlin

Hot SEAL, Dirty Martini by Cat Johnson (Sept 18)
He wants seclusion. She craves the spotlight. The deal they make could give them both what they need...if they don’t kill each other first. 
Navy SEAL Clay "Dirtman" Hagan's retirement plans are simple. Buy the dilapidated beachfront cottage he found listed for a song, fix it up, and live out his days in solitude. Everything is set until an anonymous bidder starts driving up the price of his future dream home. TV talk show host Tasha Jones is flying high, until one word--CANCELED--sends her crashing down. Now she's looking to resurrect her career with a new home renovation show, if she can get around the obnoxious buyer standing between her and the perfect property. When her competition turns out to be none other then the a-hole from her embarrassing drunken one-night stand, the battle for the property really heats up as the insults--and the sparks--fly. Her agent notices the chemistry between them and decides the viewers will too and the concept for "Hot House" is born. If Clay agrees to have the self-centered star and her cameras in his house for the duration of the show, he gets to walk away with the property free and clear in the end. If Tasha can put up with living in the house with the Neanderthal control-freak during the construction, she gets a hit show and her career back. It shouldn't be hard since the director loves when they argue on camera, which is good since they agree on nothing. Well, almost nothing. They do both agree that they pretty much hate each other and neither one wants a repeat of their one night together. So why does it keep happening?
Hot SEAL, Dirty Martini by Cat Johnson

Hot SEAL: Bourbon Neat by Parker Kincade (September 25) A Navy SEAL walks into a bar…
Brooke Ramsey loves everything about the Midnight Bay Beach Resort on Grand Turk Island, her newest account and benefactor of her two-week, all expenses paid workcation. The sun, sand, and drinks with the cute umbrellas were her idea of heaven. Until an altercation with a drunken guest threatens to ruin everything. 
Navy SEAL Asher “Knots” Dillon hates everything about the Midnight Bay Beach Resort—the sun, the sand, and those stupid drink umbrellas—but he’s seen too much in his job to want his mom and teenaged sister traveling without protection. While the women in his life get their vacation on, he parks it at the beachside bar, soaking in the shade and much needed solitude … until a gorgeous woman gets into trouble, and Asher has no choice but to intervene. No one is more surprised than Brooke when a hunky stranger comes to her rescue, posing as her boyfriend and taking care of the situation like one sexy bad ass. Only now they have to keep up the ruse for the duration of her stay. What follows is a no strings, no expectations adventure with sexy consequences.
Hot SEAL, Bourbon Neat by Parker Kincade

Hot SEAL, Red Wine by Becca Jameson (October 2)
Ellie Gorman hasn’t had a vacation in years. Working herself to the bone day and night on Wall Street has kept her mind from wandering too often to the only man she’s ever loved. The man she left fourteen years ago after their high school graduation. When her best friend lures her to join a girls’ cruise, Ellie relents. The sun will do her good. Relaxation is her top priority. No stress for a full week. 
Noah Seager has spent more than a decade fulfilling his dream of joining the navy SEALs and serving his country. But he’s exhausted and worn out. It’s time to retire, find himself, and start a new chapter in his life. A vacation with his best childhood friend is the perfect way to decompress. Even better—a cruise. 
Neither Noah nor Ellie are prepared to run into each other at the bar on the lido deck as soon as they board the ship. They’ve been set up, and they will toss both their meddling friends overboard…as soon as they can find them. They had been very much in love even at a young age. They’d known. Everyone had known. And then the bottom had fallen out of their worlds. Ellie has a secret she has never shared with a single person. 
Noah has lived with the pain, hurt, and frustration of being dumped for unknown reasons. He never should have let her go, and that realization slams into him with a powerful punch as the two get reacquainted. While Ellie struggles with admitting her deep feelings for Noah have never subsided, Noah fights his own internal battle. She insists she can’t and won’t ever reveal the nature of their brake-up. Can Noah convince her to let him back into his life anyway? And more importantly, can he let their past go, bury it, and live a fulfilling life with the woman he never forgot, knowing he will never have all the answers?
 Hot SEAL, Red Wine by Becca Jameson

Hot SEAL, Cold Beer By Cynthia D’Alba (October 9) Nicholas Falcone (aka Nikko, aka Falcon) Dr. Jennifer Pierce A recently retired Navy SEAL in need of a vacation agrees to play fake lover for the Maid of Honor at a destination wedding only to discover that what happens on a Caribbean Island can sometimes follow you home.
Nicholas Falcone, aka Nikko, aka Falcon, is five months out from active SEAL duty, putting his pre-service accounting degree to use while going to law school at night. He’d love to take a vacation between semesters, but every buck is earmarked for his education. When a fellow accountant approaches him about his sister needing an escort for a destination wedding, Nikko jumps at the idea. With the wedding families footing the bill, what does he have to lose?
Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Pierce is still stinging from a broken engagement. Going to a destination wedding at the Sand Castle Resort in the Caribbean would be great if only her ex-fiancé and his new wife weren’t attending also. Her options are to find a date or not go, but not going isn’t really an option. That means letting her brother set her up with a guy from his accounting office…Heaven forbid. When did accountants start looking like this?
** Cold Beer ** is part of the Diamond Lakes, Texas Series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. They do not have cliffhanger endings. It is also in the “SEALs in Paradise” connected series. Each book in the multi-author branded SEALs in Paradise series can be read stand-alone, and individual books do not have to be read in any particular order.
Hot SEAL, Cold Beer by Cynthia D’Alba

Hot SEAL, Rusty Nail by Teresa Reasor (Oct. 16)
A broken engagement followed by six months of grueling work has Sloane Bianchi  ready to hit the beaches of Hilton Head, South Carolina for some R and R. She isn’t looking for romance, but when she catches the gaze of a stranger at a local restaurant, her attraction is immediate. But he turns out to be just another guy who can’t follow through.
Karma isn’t always a bitch. Navy SEAL Connor ‘Hammer’ Evans decides a fender bender is a small price to pay for finally meeting the woman who got away. Even though he’ll only be on the East Coast a short time, he’s convinced he and Sloane can enjoy a sexy, no-strings adventure together while he’s here.
Their first kiss ignites a hunger for each other they can’t seem to quench. As their relationship deepens, Sloane realizes she has to be honest with Connor and share the reason behind her broken engagement. When he learns the truth, will he go wheels up and leave her behind? Or will he follow through?
Hot SEAL, Rusty Nail by Teresa Reasor

Hot SEAL, Black Coffee by Cynthia D’Alba (October 23)
Dealing with a sexy ex-girlfriend, a jewel heist, and a murder-for-hire can make an ex-SEAL bodyguard a tad cranky.
Trevor Mason accepts what should be a simple job…protect the jewels his ex-girlfriend will wear to a breast cancer fundraiser. As founder and owner of Eye Spy International, he should send one of his guys, but he needs to get his ex out of his system and this is the perfect opportunity to remind himself that she is a spoiled, rich debutante who dumped him with a Dear John letter during his SEAL training.
Respected breast cancer doctor Dr. Risa McCool hates being in the limelight for her personal life. Her life’s work is breast cancer treatment and research, which she’d rather be known for than for her carefree, partying debutante years. She agrees to be the chairperson for the annual breast cancer fundraiser even though it means doing publicity appearances and interviews, all while wearing the famous pink Breast Cancer Diamond for each public event. The multi-million dollar value of the pink stone requires an armed bodyguard at all times.
Past attractions flame, proving to be a distraction to the serious reality of the situation. When Risa and the millions in diamonds go missing, nothing will stop Trevor from bringing her home, with or without the jewels.
Hot SEAL, Black Coffee by Cynthia D’Alba

Hot SEAL, Single Malt by Kris Micheals (October 31)
A sense of duty drove Gunner Kincade’s twenty years of service as a Navy SEAL and after his Pops had a stroke, that same sense of duty drove him back to Half Moon Bay to help his old man run his bar, The Wayward Walrus. He meant to surprise Pops with the news he’d retired and was home to stay. It didn’t exactly work to plan. Pops had hired a tiny fireball by the name of A.J. Erickson. Before she’d even learned his name, A.J. managed to sic the local police on him, drown him in dirty mop water and crush his privates, and to his chagrin, she wasn’t going anywhere. Pops had sold her twenty percent of his bar.
After she healed enough to leave the east Texas hospital and testify against her ex-boyfriend, A.J. packed up and drove west. Answering Silas Kincade’s help wanted ad seemed an answer to a prayer. The old gentleman needed her skills and it didn’t hurt they got along like a house-a-fire. She settled in and made Half Moon Bay and the Walrus her home. After the physical abuse she’d suffered in Texas, she’d honed her ninja skills and though tiny, she stood her ground and defended the Walrus from a trespassing, six-foot-four, muscle-bound, hulk. When Silas introduced the hunched over male, the one cradling his balls, as his son, Gunner, she about died from mortification. Things went downhill from there.
What’s an ex-SEAL to do when a diminutive fireball worms her way past all the bruises she’s inflicted and into his unwilling heart?
Hot SEAL, Single Malt by Kris Michaels

I'm so excited to be a part of this series amongst such wonderful authors.

I hope you'll check out all the books.

I fell in love with my characters in this book. Their chemistry was amazing, and it was hard for me to end the book. I just didn't want to turn loose of them.  I may return to write another book in this series.... AFTER I finish Derrick Armstrong's book BREAKING CHAINS.  I'll keep you posted on that later.

Read on,
Teresa Reasor

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