Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To Capture A Highlander's Heart: The Beginning is FREE!!!

This week I published my Scottish medieval short story, To Capture A Highlander's Heart: The Beginning. It is a spin off story tied to Highland Moonlight my first published book,which will soon be rereleased with a new cover, new line edits, and rewrites.

To Capture a Highlander's Heart: The Beginning is the first story of a trilogy tied to Highland Moonlight. The next one will be To Capture A Highlander's Heart: The Courtship-- already in the works.  And the third story will be To Capture A Highlander's heart: The Wedding Night.

 I set the short story for Free on Smashwords. And it's available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It's available at KOBO and Apple as well. All Free. 

I hope you'll check it out.

Read on,
Teresa J. Reasor 


Karen Barr said...

Oh dear Lord I nearly passed out from excitement....Highland Moonlight is one of my all-time favourite Scottish romances (I've lost count of how many times I've revisited that novel) and I've always hoped that you would write some more stories in this setting.

Thank you you've made my day!!

Teresa Reasor said...

I'm so thrilled to hear you say that about Moonlight. You've made my day.
I'll have two more short stories for this series and I'm in the plotting stages of Duncan's story. I don't know if it will be a full fledged novel or a novella, but I'll try and keep you updated on my blog, facebook, and twitter.
Thanks so much for your comment!!!
Teresa R.

Riley01314 said...

Any idea when the next two sections of the story will be available?

Teresa Reasor said...

It's so good to hear from a reader. I'm hard at work on the second story right now. Almost done. I'm hoping to send it to my editor week after next.

I'm also in the midst of my next SEAL book. A bit of a culture change to go from Medieval Scotland to current day Las Vegas.
I'm going to try and finish the story this week.

Casey said...

Any idea when the third part of To Capture A Highlander's Heart will be released?