Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I LOVE MY COVER!!! I'm crazy about it. It think my guy is so handsome,  intense, and sexy. 

An excerpt:

Flash swallowed against the breathless feeling of arousal that zipped straight to his groin. Her gray-green eyes homed in on his face and pulled him in. His attention dropped to her mouth. Would she taste like the home-baked cookies he’d smelled when he knocked on her door?
He released her arm and put his hand back on the steering wheel. He should never have touched her. But she just seemed so alone. A feeling he identified with more each day.
He had to stow that shit and move on. He couldn’t afford to get close to anyone. “Where to from here?” he managed, his Boston accent thick with reaction.
“Turn right, and go seven blocks.”
He turned the van. The noisy shift of the components stored in basket shelves along each side of the vehicle sounded loud in the silence between them.
How long since he’d gotten laid?  He’d had a brief encounter with an ex-girlfriend after returning from Iraq. But after that he’d been swallowed up by the FBI crap, and though Javier and Josh had tried to fix him up while he was in Baja, he’d avoided anything but casual meetings.
It had been almost eleven months since he’d been with a woman.
He was just horny.
Who’d have thought a woman who smelled like honeysuckle and crayons would set him off? He usually went for the free-spirited kind who didn’t expect hearts and flowers. The kind just out to have a good time. Being a SEAL, he had little time for anything other than temporary hook up.
But the female sitting next to him wasn’t temporary. She had permanent, hearts and flowers, forever and ever emblazoned across her freckle-dusted nose in letters visible to him a mile away.
He’d done some research on Sam since their first meeting. And the story behind her divorce wasn’t pretty. Life, and her stalker ex-husband, seemed determined to knock her down. She just kept getting back up and moving forward.
But she was emotionally bruised. Her distrust was right there, staring him in the face every time he spoke to her. Her SOB ex had really done a number on her.
And she certainly didn’t need a Navy SEAL on the run from a crooked FBI guy and a drug cartel to add to her worries. He had to remember that. If shit hit the fan and he was arrested, he might put Sam and Joy in the crosshairs. Sam didn’t deserve that after everything else she’d been through.
But he couldn’t walk away, either. Not with her sneaky, abusive ex making things as difficult for her as possible.  And he was going to have to talk her into allowing him to put a security system in her house. He’d sleep better if she had one.
He’d sleep better if she were in his bed.
Shit, he had to get his mind on something else. Because that wasn’t happening. No matter how hot she was.
He spotted the kids on a fenced-in playground and pulled to a stop. Joy broke away from a cluster of kids, ran to the fence and waved to him. He smiled and waved back.
“I’ll only be a few minutes,” Sam said, opening the door.
Sam was a mom, for God’s sake. He didn’t sleep with moms.
“Take your time.” Please. So maybe he’d have his head on straight by the time she came back.




Emma said...

Great cover! And I love the last part of that excerpt.

Carole St-Laurent said...

Very nice excerpt, Teresa! Well done.

Ella Quinn - Romance Novelist said...

Great cover and excerpt!! I tweeted.