Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Amy Durham's New YA Release DUSK

I'm an eclectic reader. I read everything from Horror to Young Adult, Erotic Romance to Children's Books. Give me a good book and I'll read it no matter what the genre.

Amy Durham just released her new YA book DUSK. I've read her other books in the Sky Cove Series Once Again and Once And For All , both wonderful stories. So I had to get DUSK too, though it isn't one in the series. I love the cover.

Zoe Gray lost her father... in more ways than one. Angry and bitter, Zoe spends the summer before her senior year of high school doing everything she can to forget, legal or not. But a close call triggers a reality check, and Zoe decides to put her life back together, a task that proves a lot harder than she thought.

Adrian Shaw shows up on the first day of school, creating quite a stir with his striking good looks and gleaming black motorcycle. But Adrian is much more than a "biker boy", and as Zoe discovers, he may just hold the key she needs to put her life back on the right path.

But as they do battle with evil forces that want nothing more than to destroy Zoe's chance at a normal life, will their feelings for one another make them stronger, or be the reason Zoe's happiness slips away forever?

And will Zoe learn to forgive before it's too late?

I just finished the book and it's really good. It has a paranormal element to it like the Sky Cove books, but a little something extra. There's a spiritual depth to the story and a fantastic message for young adults. I'd recommend it to everyone who has a teenager in the house. This book deals with real life situations with an understanding as to how a real teenager would feel facing disappointment, grief, and despair.

Congrats to Amy Durham. Excellent Book!

Teresa Reasor 

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Amy said...

Thank you so much Teresa! I'm a huge fan of your writing as well!