Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An Interview with Teresa Reasor by Angela Rackard

Recently I did an interview for Angela Rackard, a reviewer who likes my books. I was thrilled to do it and wanted to share it with you.

1. If your books became movies, who would you want to play your characters?
Breaking Free Eric Bana and Kate Beckensale.
Breaking Through and Building Ties I had a picture of Paul Walker on my desktop the whole time I wrote both these books. I’d get up in the morning and say ‘hello handsome’ then go to work. I grieved when he was killed.  And I would have loved for him to play Brett in the movies. I’m not sure anyone else could take his place. But I choose Channing Tatum and Deborah Ann Woll.
Breaking Away   Chris Evans and Jessica Chastain 
Breaking Ties  Charlie Hunnam  and Jessica Alba
Breaking Boundaries  Bradley Cooper and Emily Blunt
Breaking Out  (even though it’s not out yet.) Gemma Arterton  Colton Haynes
Timeless  Gerard Butler  and  Jennifer Lawrence.
Whisper In My Ear  Stephen Amell  and Agnes Buckner
Deep Within The Shadows  Theo James and  Kate Voegele (as the twins)
Highland Moonlight Sam Heughan (of course) and Blake Lively
Captive Hearts Anthony Star and Gal Gadot
To Capture A Highlander’s Heart: The Wedding Night Chris Hemsworth and Christen Stewart

2. Did you ever think of making a YouTube video of any of your characters?
 I have a trailer for Timeless. It’s the closest I ever came to movie history with one of my books. It was on the USA HEA site. http://youtu.be/FsWNFXYTiQc

3. Have you ever dressed up as one of your characters?
No. I’m not macho enough to carry the guys. And I’m not sexy or young enough to carry the women. LOL But I was a pirate at KallypsoCon.

 Teresa Reasor, Kallypso Masters, JM Madden, Kennedy Lane , Christen Harber, Sharon Hamilton, and Elle James 

4. If you could be one of your characters, who would it be? Why?
It would be Regan Stanhope in Timeless. She gets to love her SEXY Scotsman in the past and the future.  And she’s a kick ass heroine who can scuba dive and is, not fearless, but able to overcome her fear.

5. What's the weirdest question you have ever been asked?
Who was the inspiration for my love scenes?  I have to say it isn’t anyone I know. I have a really-really good imagination. 

6. Have you ever traveled to research for a book?
Yes I have. I went to Scotland for two weeks to research the Loch Maree area for my book Timeless.

Loch Maree

It was a wonderful trip. We started in Edinburgh and worked our way all over Scotland then back to Edinburgh to catch our flight out. We spent three days in Northern Ireland as well.  I learned about the country, their history, the culture, and loved the people in both countries. I felt right at home there.

I also went to California for a week.  I visited Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, Lancaster and Palmdale, which is close to Edwards Air Force base. We did a lot of driving to check out as much of the state as we could.

Where would you want to go?  
I want to go back to San Diego and stay at the Dell.  We lived in Miramar when my father was stationed in California and I would really like to go back and visit the area again.  And I’d love to go up I-5 and see the coast again. We couldn’t take the coastal road the last time we were there because there were fires burning and they’d shut the highway.

How do you research the places you write about?
I like to drive and take thousands of pictures. I also go on line to research the area while we’re there and after the trip is over. I usually blog about the places, the history and the culture I learn about.

7. Do your characters stalk you until you write their story or do you really have to focus and then flesh out random ideas?
They are all stalkers. I have a picture of them in my head and they talk to me all the time. While I was writing To Capture A Highlander’s Heart: The Wedding Night, Gabriel was in my head.  Grace dominates the book, but it was Gabriel’s voice I heard a great deal of the time. That husky Scottish brogue was in my head for weeks. It was really hard to ignore it when I had to switch gears and start another book.

Now, Zach ‘Doc’ O’Connor is stalking me. I’m writing his story Breaking Out.  I hear his thoughts and voice in my head all the time and feel his emotions. He’s a strong personality and hard to resist.

It always seems to be the men who guide the story.

8. Do you have a ritual you go through to write?

I get up at 7:00 every day, take a shower, get dressed and write for about 5 hours before I take a break. I’m extremely slow so it varies how many words I may get written during that time. I usually post some things to Twitter some time during that period as well.  I eat a small lunch around noon and maybe watch one forty-five minute show on Netflix. I like to watch whole series, so I’ll pick one and watch one episode at a time until I’ve seen the all. Last month I finished all the old shows of the X-Files.
I’ll go back to writing around 1:00, then do promotion around 3:00.  I’ll write until 5:00 and fix a quick dinner, since my husband sort of insists on eating at least one time a day. After dinner, I’ll usually edit what I’ve written for the day. About 8:00 I’ll do some more promotion usually on Facebook. I’ve usually run out of steam by then and I’ll stop for the night.
I write seven days a week. I take my computer everywhere I go.
My family says I’m obsessed. And I am. I'm finally able to do what I always dreamed of doing. I'm not letting the grass grow under my feet. You never know what may happen later down the road. 

9. What do you feel is your greatest achievement in being an author?
 I’ve written 11 full-length books and seen them in print. And several other shorter pieces. That I’m published at all and have people who want to read my words is a dream come true. Without readers, I would still write, but it does encourage me to keep going when one of them contacts me to tell me they loved my story and ask when the next one is due out.

10. When did you feel like you "made it?" 
When my first two books Highland Moonlight and Captive Hearts were published in 2007. I couldn’t have been prouder that people wanted my work and readers wanted to read it.

Highland Moonlight 

                                                    Captive Hearts 

Thanks to every one of my readers, without whom I could not continue to do what I do. I appreciate all of you!!!         
And thanks to Angela Rackard for doing the interview and sharing her time with me. 

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