Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Magic and Mayhem Kindle World Releases! (14 authors 14 new stories)

First of all, our fearless leader Robyn Peterman, the mastermind behind the Magic and Mayhem Kindle World has a new release.  A Tale of Two Witches was available June 19th.  

Three waxed cats, one Cookie Witch, a brazilian gone bad and the last name, Bermangoggleshitz... not the best ingredients for a successful spell. Or is it?

This is the Fifth book in the Magic and Mayhem Series and it promises to be just as wildly hilarious as the others...if not more.
Go to Robyn's website and read an excerpt and buy the book. http://robynpeterman.com/a-tale-of-two-witches/

Fourteen  of my writer pals and I have new releases coming out June 21st !! (See the list of authors below)
Once Bitten, Twice Shy is part of my Have Wand, Will Travel Series, inside of Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Kindle World.  I'm very excited about the release. This is the second book in this series. It's a 42,000 word novel.

The Blurb: 
Somewhere off the beaten path in the World of Magic and Mayhem, there’s a little-visited trail that leads to a realm of vampire politics, danger and maybe even death.

Phoebe Stewart only agreed to marry Trevor Ricci to secure peace between their warring vampire clans. When her groom poisons her during the wedding ceremony, and her life expectancy falls from forever to a week, “till death do you part” takes on a whole new meaning. When she catches up with her new husband, she intends to stake and roast the traitorous, narcissistic weenie.

Especially now she’s met Hunter Knox, the bad boy alpha vampire she’s been waiting for her whole death.

Agent Hunter Knox works for the National Vampire Security Council. When a poison that can actual kill their species surfaces, he’s dead set on finding and destroying it. But once he meets Phoebe, and realizes she only has days to live, the need for an antidote takes priority.

And the more he gets to know her, the more he suspects she may be as important to vampire kind as she’s becoming to him.

Here's a short excerpt: 

Phoebe often read the phrase, “Silence is louder than words,” but she had never truly believed it until she started down the aisle to join the two tall males on the platform framed by an arbor woven with black roses.
To cover her nerves, she used a little more hip action while she walked, and tapped the riding crop in a measured beat against her thigh.
A chill had hit the mountains just after dusk, and though she rarely reacted to changes in temperature, she was glad for the leather sheathing her body.
When they arrived at the dais, Arthur held her hand while she climbed the steps. With a bow, he stepped back and took a seat in the front row.
Phoebe offered Trevor a smile that was all fang. He eyed her warily as she took her place next to him. Was her rage apparent? She hoped so.
“Just so you know,” she murmured into his ear. “I always like to be on top, and I enjoy inflicting pain.” She tapped his behind with the crop hard enough to give him a little sting. He jerked.
“I hope you like being spanked, Trevor.”
His eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed in distaste.
She fought down a gleeful grin. “I wouldn’t want to be accused of misrepresentation later.”
Harry Adcock, their master of ceremonies—he wasn’t a minister—looked down his blade-thin nose and narrowed his beady eyes. Tall, skinny, and wearing Vampire Council robes, he looked like a crow. Sparse hair swept over his balding head in a failed comb-over. He released a warning flow of power, glared at her, and then cleared his throat. “Shall we begin?”
Phoebe smiled back. “I’m ready when you are, Councilman Ad-cock.” She allowed a hint of her power to escape and wash over the two men. Both males stiffened as though she’d farted. Trevor eased away from her about a foot.
She’d been told her power caused a pain/pleasure sensation not everyone enjoyed. Hopefully, by the time the evening was over, Trevor would want to be farther away than just a foot. Perhaps more like the width of the state. She was going to make it her lifelong ambition to encourage maximum distance between them.
Phoebe listened to what Adcock was saying with only half an ear while she scanned the crowd for trouble. Armanno Ricci was scowling, and his dark eyes homed in on her. She met his eyes for a moment. His eyebrows rose when his power had no effect on her.
Adcock reached the dreaded vows stage of the ceremony, and Phoebe dragged her attention back to him and Trevor.
“Do you, Phoebe, take Trevor as your mate, to honor, protect, and obey?”
“Obey? O-bey?” She raised her eyebrows and tilted her head. “Not going to happen, Adcock. Wishful thinking.”
He paused with his mouth open.
“A. Deal. Breaker.” She emphasized each word.
“I agree to having that part of the vows taken out of the ceremony,” Trevor said. Was that an actual blush tinging his skin?
“Thank you, Trevor. Dear.” Though she knew it wasn’t in the ceremony, she added, “When it comes to your vows of obedience, I’ll do the same.”

Here's the link just in case:   AMAZON 

Amazing Magic & Mayhem Authors

Just click the link and 

Magic and Mayhem: Thor and Peace
by Barbra Annino
Link: http://a.co/gJyzXbX

Magic and Mayhem: Sh*t My Vampire Says
by Michelle Bardsley
Link: http://a.co/itk0005

Magic and Mayhem: Stop Your Witchin'
by Deanna Chase
Link: http://a.co/aZl3trR

Magic and Mayhem: If the Wand Fits 
by Saranna DeWylde 
Link: http://a.co/17APcnN

Magic and Mayhem: Mr. & Mrs. Shift
by Renee George
Link: http://a.co/gL50C21

Magic and Mayhem: The Witched Away Bride 
by Heather Long  
Link: http://a.co/5kg6ff3

Magic and Mayhem: There's No Place Like Wicked 
by Cherie Marks 
Link: http://a.co/gv2OvPz

Magic and Mayhem: What A Witch Wants 
by Monette Draper Michaels
Link: http://a.co/13rckh9

Magic and Mayhem: Witch With An Axe To Grind 
by Isabelle Matthews
Link: http://a.co/72jXiDo

Magic and Mayhem: Sammie Jo 
by Julia Mills
Link: http://a.co/8U3uy0T

Magic and Mayhem: Witchy and the Beast 
by Virginia Nelson
Link: http://a.co/eApZSH9

Magic and Mayhem: Once Bitten, Twice Shy 
by Teresa Reasor
Link: http://a.co/3tDpEym

Magic and Mayhem: Secrets, Lies, and Meatballs 
by Jordan K. Rose
Link: http://a.co/5WGYa1A

Magic and Mayhem: The Incompetent Witch and The Missing Men 
by DC Thome
Link: http://a.co/91GnH5s

How it all began....
Switching Hour: Magic and Mayhem Book One 
by Robyn Peterman 
Link: http://a.co/f2iAILE

The first book of my Have Wand, Will Travel Series, titled Have Wand, Will Travel is a stand alone story in case you'd like to read it.  Here's the instafreebie link in case you want a taste. https://www.instafreebie.com/free/jQUYH  

 I want to thank you all for following my blog. I really appreciate it. 
Teresa Reasor 


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