Building Family Release Date May 7th!! Read an Excerpt!!

I'm getting so excited about my next release! Building Family is ready to go and I'm getting impatient for it to release. I'm really proud of the book. It's actually Two love stories and several suspense threads going on at the same time. So there's so much more story there than I could shove into the three-paragraph blurb. I thought I'd post another excerpt to show that off.

After nine years of marriage to a Navy SEAL Zoe Yazzie knows about sacrifice. Because of numerous periods of separation from her husband she’s put her dream of having another child on the back burner. But now her biological clock is ticking and she needs Hawk’s cooperation.

Lieutenant Commander Adam “Hawk” Yazzie is stunned when his wife springs the idea of having a baby on him. Their son will soon be ten and Hawk believes their baby days are over. He’s faced with a dilemma, if he says no and crushes Zoe’s dream, will it cause long term harm to their marriage?

When Zoe is injured in a terrible car accident, the decision is put on hold while they wait for her to wake up. Hawk is faced with the possibility that his wife might not survive. But when she finally opens her eyes, he’s dealt an unthinkable blow. Zoe doesn’t remember him or their life together.


(Lieutenant Sam Harding and Moira McKee his girlfriend are getting married. This is the second love story in the book and Sam's SEAL team plays a part in his life, his bachelor party, and several other areas. This is a meeting between Sam and his brothers about the bachelor party.)

Tim took the bull by the horns. “I’ll need you to help me plan Sam’s bachelor party, Trev. We’re the brothers of the groom, and that’s our duty.”

“Strippers or no strippers?” Trevor asked.

“No strippers,” Sam said immediately. “In fact, instead of a bachelor party, I’d rather have a poker party like we used to have, with food and beer. Nothing too wild.”

Sam shook his head. “I’ve already experienced every kind of bachelor party there is with several of my teammates. The worst one was three years ago, when I was still young and stupid. I woke up with a sequin pasty on my cheek. My mouth tasted like the undercarriage of a Humvee that had rolled through shit, and I had a hangover I thought might kill me. I still have no memory of everything that happened.”

Tim and Trevor both laughed.

Tim was still grinning when he asked, “Have you told Moira about that?”

“God, no.” Sam pointed at him in warning. “And she better not hear it from either of you.”
Trevor cracked a grin. “I haven’t played poker in years.”

“Good. That means I might be able to win some cash off you for the honeymoon.”

“Where are you going?”

“I wanted to take Moira to Hawaii, but I can’t leave the CONUS, and I don’t know how long it will be before I can. I’m just hoping I don’t get orders to deploy before the wedding.”

“That would definitely be the shits,” Tim said.

Trevor finally set his glass aside and reached for the slider on his plate. “You could take her to wine country. Women like the wine thing.”

Tim dropped a chicken bone on the side of his plate. He shook his head and wiped his fingers as he chewed. “Wine country is okay for a weekend, but not a honeymoon. Why don’t you take her sailing along the coast and make stops along the way? Just the two of you. What good is having a sailboat if you don’t sail it?’

“It’s technically called a sailing…yacht, and not a bad idea. I’ll have to check on that. Plan out the overnight stops. It would be an okay substitute until I can take her to Hawaii…maybe next year.”

Trevor bit into another slider and chewed. “Don’t tell her about the Hawaii trip until you have it planned. Women eat up that romantic, extravagant gesture thing.”

Since when had Trevor become knowledgeable about what women wanted or liked? He’d blown it with his last girlfriend by being an asshole. Maybe he learned from that experience.

“Are either of you guys going to bring a date to the wedding?” Sam asked.

Tim shook his head. “I hadn’t thought about it. I’ve been too tied up with work to think of anything else. What about you, Trevor?”

“No. I’ve been dating someone, but it hasn’t progressed to the point of bringing her to a family wedding.”

“Is she a lawyer?” Sam asked.

“No. She works at a local restaurant as a sous chef.”

“You don’t look like you’ve been eating much of her cooking. You’ve lost a few pounds since I saw you last,” Tim commented.

Trevor shrugged one shoulder. “I’ve been busy.”

“How’s Dad doing?” Sam asked.

He looked away, reached for his glass, and raised it to the bartender for another bourbon. The bartender nodded. “He’s okay.”

Real concern nipped at the edges of Sam’s mind. As a child and a teenager, Trevor worshiped their dad. And now he worked with him and still emulated him. That had caused some of the issues between him and Trevor. If there was trouble between Trevor and their father….

Tim spoke before Sam could. “Are you going to tell us what’s going on?”

A waitress brought Trevor’s drink and whisked the empty glass off the table.

“We just have a lot going on.”

“Have they found out who killed Jonathan Walker?”

Trevor shook his head. “No. Not that I know of. But the police served our office with a subpoena for the will and other legal documents.”

“Did you work on any of it?” Tim asked.

“No. It was all dad’s business.”

Tim polished off his beer. “They’ll be looking hard at the family in case money has anything to do with it.”

“Hank was crazy about his dad,” Trevor said. “No way he’d have anything to do with this.”

Tim gave his brother’s shoulder a squeeze. “The family is the first thing they look at so they can rule them out, Trev.”

Trevor’s features hardened. “It was a freaking carjacking.”

“Did they find the car?”

“No. Not yet. It was a truck. And they’ve put out a BOLO on it.”

“How do you know that?” Sam asked.

“Hank called and told us.”

“Maybe they’ll get footage of the attack, if there are security cameras anywhere close by.”

Trevor squinted as though he was thinking hard about something. “Maybe.” He shoved his fingers through his hair.

“I didn’t know you’d kept in touch with Hank,” Sam said.

“He and his family are still members at La Jolla. We play golf together now and then. His dad played with us.”

Maybe Trevor was different outside their family. “I’m sorry, Trev.”

He nodded, wiped his mouth with a napkin and shoved his chair back to weave his way to the bathrooms.

Tim pushed his plate aside and poured more beer in his glass. “Who’d have guessed? I thought he’d cut all of us peons out of his life after going into the firm with Dad.”

“You used to work for Dad too, and you didn’t do that,” Sam retorted. “But now we know why he’s taking it so hard. They must have bonded over golf.”

“Or he played golf with him to get his business.” Tim raised a brow. “I’d never have guessed Trevor could be sensitive.”

Sam agreed. It had been some time since he’d seen any sign of empathy from his older brother. Trust came hard, and he still couldn’t completely buy into Trevor’s sincerity. He’d played his father’s son too long.

“If you can manage it, you could go to the funeral with him and see how he is with Hank and the rest of the family. I can’t buy into this just yet.”

Trevor returned to the table, and Tim eased into continuing the conversation, “I thought I’d go to the funeral with you, Trevor. When is it?”

“Fuck that, I’m not going to any goddamn funeral.”

Aaannnd he’s back.

Sam glanced at Tim, and his expression said he was thinking the same thing.”

Remember that Building Family will be released May 7th!!!

We have 2 SEALS IN PARADISE celebrating May Holidays.

Delilah Devlin's Hot SEAL, In His Memory was Released April 27th And is available for purchase.

On Memorial Day, he will stand by her side when she visits her husband's grave, but he wonders if she'll ever see him as anything more than her husband's best friend and the man who accompanied his body home for burial...

Navy SEAL, Chris Bykowski, has done his duty to his best friend's wife by being there to help whenever she or her son needed him. However, now, he has the feeling she wants to put distance between herself and the SEALs who watch over her as the widow of a fallen teammate. Though painful, because he's grown to care for her, he will let her go, knowing she needs closure to move on with her life.

Andi Westall has picked up the pieces of her shattered life after the death of her husband, Ozzie. Although she knows it will be painful to break away from the SEALs who have given her their support, she is ready to cut ties and move on past the painful memories. However, fate has another idea. When she discovers that she may have a stalker, the only person she knows to confide in is Ozzie's best friend, Zig. When Zig and the team rush to the rescue, she finds that accepting their aid and continued friendship isn't as hard as she'd imagined.

While the team works to figure out who is stalking her, Zig insists on sticking close to keep her safe. One night of tearful remembrances ends with her waking up to discover that she wants more from Zig than just his protection. Whether this is love or simply need is something she'll have to figure out before they both get hurt.

Maryann Jordan has Hot SEAL, Forever Dad
It's available for preorder and will be released May 18th.

Benjamin "Pops" Popovich has just finished his last mission and said goodbye to his SEAL team. At thirty, he figured he had a few more good years left in him, but when family responsibilities call, he leaves the familiar to move back to Hope City. After years of missions and living in close quarters with his team, he is looking forward to a little peace and quiet. Now, if the two irrepressible kids from next door could just understand.

Violet Mayfield is doing the best she can… an uninteresting job with a lech for a boss and a townhouse in constant need of repairs. A widow, her joy comes from her two children. As far as she is concerned, their little trio family is all she needs.

Charlie and Lily Mayfield knew their mom was lonely. And they'd met the new neighbor. He was funny, grilled great hamburgers, and had a dog. And they noticed that his eyes always brightened when their mom was around. As far as they were concerned, he'd make a great forever dad. Now… all they need is to get the adults on board.

I also have a SEALS IN PARADISE book up for preorder.

Hot SEAL, Midnight Magic

Navy SEAL Gage Fontenot is home for the first time in two years because his grandmother, who raised him, is in the hospital after a brutal assault. He has four weeks to get the lay of the land, find who’s responsible, and guarantee the attacker gets the punishment he deserves. When he’s met at the airport by Mia, the woman he jilted six years ago, his visit becomes much more complicated. Because his reasons for leaving New Orleans all lead back to her.

Psychic Mia Blanchard knows there’s always a price to pay for the best things in life, but she’s shocked by the dramatic change in Gage. Gone is the lighthearted Cajun who played guitar in the New Orleans clubs. What has happened to make him cut himself off from his home and family? She needs to find out, because she can’t move on until she puts their past behind her.

But there is more than their personal history in play. She sees danger ahead for them both. But Gage never believed in her gift in the past. How can she convince him to trust it now?

Release Date is September 28th!

This book is set in New Orleans and I'm loving writing about the neighborhoods, the food, the culture and of course Bourbon Street. Every book is an adventure that you take with your characters.

Here's the link to the SEALS In Paradise Author's page on amazon for the past, present and future releases.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt from Building Family.


Teresa Reasor


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