New RELEASE!! Deep Within the Mind May 24, 2022

 I'm so thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my third book in the paranormal romantic suspense Superstition Series. The book will be out May 24th.  This book is chocked full of all the suspense and paranormal elements I could pack into it.  

I love writing paranormal books because they give me an opportunity to allow my imagination to run free. Tack on a romance and some nail-biting suspense and you've got a combination of elements that create the perfect story. I hope when you read Deep Within the Mind you'll think I succeeded in that. I loved writing the book. 

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Here's the blurb: 

Superstition, Kentucky harbors the largest supernatural population in the state. Mythical creatures and people with unusual abilities rub shoulders with average men and women in the small mountain town. 

Vet Harper Montgomery has a secret. She’s a powerful psychic who hides behind her professional persona—until she has a vision of a child being abducted and rescues her. 
When she starts experiencing more unusual visions and reports them, she captures a Superstition police detective’s interest.

Detective Miles Barrett is new to Superstition, Kentucky, and unaware of the hidden part of the population he serves, until he meets Harper. He doesn’t believe in her ability, but he’s searching for a monster who’s already killed four women while leaving behind almost no evidence, so he’s willing to give Harper a chance. 

For the first time in her life, Harper is having more and more trouble controlling her gift, until she realizes she’s under attack by an evil too powerful to comprehend. 

Here's an excerpt: 

Harper ambled toward the front of the house and debated about how to relax into what she was about to do. With animals there was no risk in opening herself. They didn’t direct hatred, violent thoughts, or ill will toward her when she touched them. She could read their pain, their fear, their physical feelings of sickness, but their intellect worked in a different way.

With people it was different. Or was it because she was human herself and on the same wavelength? However it worked, she keyed into thoughts, feelings and undercurrents in a way she found uncomfortable. She couldn’t read everyone, but more than she liked. She didn’t want to know the intimate thoughts or feelings of the people around her. Or flash on details of their lives. It was uncomfortable and unethical. A breach of their privacy.

And now she needed to relax the strict code she’d lived by for so long and purposely open herself to something…evil. Goose bumps broke out on her arms, and she rubbed them.
Whoever this murderer was, he couldn’t hurt her. He didn’t know she was hunting him. He couldn’t know it. She was just searching for clues. She could do this.

Her breathing hitched and she was trembling. She stopped before the porch steps, took several deep breaths, and imagined opening the door inside her. With the release of her shield the world blurred a moment, then popped back into sharp focus. Snatches of conversation, thoughts, feelings from people in the neighboring houses rushed in. Harper closed her eyes and covered her ears as she struggled to limit the field of her reception. She imagined closing the opening to a crack at the bottom of a very small window and the ambient noise eased.

She opened her eyes just as a figure, blurred and insubstantial, dressed in a dark long-sleeved shirt and jeans walked past her. A baseball cap was pulled down low over his eyes, and he gripped the handle of his toolbox in a gloved fist. She followed him past the front porch and moved along the side of the house. He was tall, but kept his head down so she couldn’t see his face or even the color of his hair. He reached the detached garage and went to the side door.

After placing the toolbox on the ground he removed a flat piece of plastic or metal, shoved it between the door frame and the latch, and the door opened. She tried to follow him but was stopped by the locked garage door. She looked down into the tool box he left beside the door. A tiny battery-powered drill lay in among several other tools. But he wasn’t going to need it because he found the key.

“He came here several days before, when the neighbors were gone. He has a kind of drill that he uses on the windows, but he doesn’t use it here. He forces open the side door to the garage and finds the key she keeps there. He plans to make a copy, then return it before she gets home.”

She continued around the edge of the yard as thoughts and feelings continued to rush into her mind. “He thinks of killing the dog but instead decides to use it to his advantage.”

Miles spoke softly. “What do you mean, Harper?”

“She loves the dog. She’ll be easier to control if he threatens the dog.”

They circled to the other side of the yard. She looked across the street at an uncleared lot tangled with trees and underbrush. “He parks somewhere else and walks into the brush across the street. He has a special spot where he sits to watch. It’s close to a cluster of wild hedges. He uses binoculars. He goes across the street and peeks into her windows sometimes, but the dog always barks, and he has to leave.”
She turned toward the front of the house and once again saw the killer from the back, this time using the key. “He goes into the house several times to memorize the layout and to check for weapons. He doesn’t want any surprises. Finding the child in the closet the last time has made him cautious.”

She climbed the stairs to the front door and waited for Detective Carver to cut the crime scene seal around it. He turned the knob and shoved the door open, freeing a wave of building sexual excitement and a kind of desperation that made her stomach turn. She grabbed the door frame to steady herself.

“She’s on the back porch when he lets himself in. He has a gym bag with him.” Harper followed the shadow figure. He paused by a table close to the front door to pick up some keys, then continued through the living room. He stopped in the wide case opening to the kitchen to look toward the back door. Harper turned to look down the hallway toward the bedrooms but he didn’t go that way. Instead, he moved to a door in the kitchen. She caught a glimpse of Skylar’s car as he stepped into the garage and shut the door. “He hides in the garage and waits until he hears her come in with the dog.

“Skylar goes through the kitchen and down the hall to bedroom. She opens her bedroom door to go in, but Razor trembles and growls. She turns to look over her shoulder—and he’s there, behind her.”

The killer’s hoarse, whispered threats as he pressed the knife into her side seemed directed at Harper, and her muscles tightened and she jerked. “He threatens to stomp the dog to death if she doesn’t cooperate, then kicks Razor into the bedroom and shuts the door.

“Next he forces her through the kitchen and into the garage. He has the keys to her car, which were in the living room next to her purse.”

She moved forward through the kitchen to the garage and opened the door. She stepped into the space, and although no car was there, she saw one. “His case is there.” She points to an area next to the door. “He picks it up and forces her to the rear of the car, where he covers her mouth and binds her wrists with duct tape and puts her in the trunk, then binds her ankles. He gets into the car with his bag. He won’t need it here, but he’ll need it where he’s taking her.” The man’s need and sexual arousal were strong inside the garage. She felt queasy, and pressed a hand to her mouth.

She looked up at Miles, but she wasn’t seeing him. “I need one of you to get the car. I may be able to track their route.”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt!!

The Superstition series has two other books in it thus far. Forgive me if I do some shameless self-promoting and share the covers and blurbs for the other two. 

Here's the blurb: 
Welcome to Superstition, Kentucky
Twins Miranda and Juliet Templeton have been haunted by childhood trauma their entire lives. One has the reputation for being bold and rash, the other compulsively responsible. When both are viciously attacked within minutes of each other, they are forced to leave their differences behind in order to survive.

Caleb Faulkner has always loved Miranda Templeton. Her letters to him, during his deployment gave him a slice of home to hold on to. Even though they’re finally together, something is keeping her from acting on her feelings. When she and her sister are injured Caleb’s driven to protect them both. But all his military training can’t help him combat this danger.

Detective Chase Robinson is lead investigator for the murder of Tanner Newton. When the two hired thugs responsible for Tanner’s death are killed and Juliet, his only witness, nearly strangled to death, Chase is certain the crimes are connected. He decides to stay close to the twins so he can catch the real killer. But his police training is useless against his growing feelings for Juliet and what’s hiding Deep Within The Shadows.


Like Michelangelo, gifted sculptor Genevieve Warren believes her purpose is to set free the beings she can sense trapped inside the stone she carves. But she’s never had a sculpture speak to her like the rare 14th century gargoyle left out in the elements to crumble in a castle garden. Because of Scottish antiquity law, she can’t buy him, but she leases him and has him shipped home. However, she’s left to wonder why his owners are so eager to get rid of part of their history.


Finlay MacLeod has spent centuries as a monster. Stone by day and beast at night, he craves an escape from the endless loneliness of his existence. When Genevieve cares for the stone sculpture as though he’s real, he hopes he’s found someone who will care for the monster imprisoned inside it, too… and help him end his suffering. But first he must reveal to her he’s alive.


Genevieve becomes aware there are mystical things afoot when she’s told dark magic surrounds the sculpture she’s imported. The reality of what she’s welcomed into her life is more fantastic and compelling than anything she could have imagined.

But there’s more than one kind of monster prowling the hills and valleys of Superstition. One has decided that only Genevieve can feed his many hungers. He’s watching, waiting, and moving closer every moment.

I tend to write books in series. I also have a comedic paranormal series called the Have Wand, Will Travel Series   There's three books in that series. 

Have Wand, Will Travel:
When the Witch’s council hires Witch Zira O’Shea to find a missing artifact, she can’t refuse. The clues lead her to Vampire Christophe Bakas whose fallen angel's good looks and talents are guaranteed to lead her into temptation and danger while they find the wand and seek to hide it because it’s a danger to both their species. But there’s a problem, the wand has bonded with them.

Once Bitten Twice Shy:
When Phoebe Stewart’s groom poisons her during the wedding ceremony, and her life expectancy falls from forever to a week, “till death do you part” takes on a whole new meaning. When she catches up with her new husband, she intends to stake and roast the traitorous, narcissistic weenie.
Especially now she’s met Hunter Knox, the bad boy alpha vampire she’s been waiting for her whole death.

Adventures of a Witchy Wallflower:
After 50 years of teaching magic-challenged witches, Madeline’s found Jake, the perfect male witch to share a different kind of magic in her life. But Jake has a reputation and money problems. And he’s been offered a hundred thousand dollars to meet Madeline. When he falls in love he has two problems, if Madeline finds out about the money she’ll dump him, if his curse doesn’t get to her first.

I also have two stand-alone Paranormals and a short story available. 

Injured as a child, mermaid Katrina Lawson has adapted to living on land among humans. Denied the comfort of her water world, she’s stripped of her ability to transform and to hear. But the promise of a cochlear implant offers her a ray of hope.

Drew Saunders is a creature no woman can resist: mystical, magical and musical. With a hum he can seduce women and make them slaves. When he meets Katrina he’s enthralled. But being unable to hear, she’s impervious to his charms. So he must work to build a relationship with her the human way.

Katrina’s doctor suspects there is more to her than scans and x-rays can detect. His obsessive fascination with her places her and all aquatic species at risk, forcing her to make a horrible choice. Can she sacrifice the only true love she’ll ever know for the good of her species?

Archaeology student, Regan Stanhope, lands the chance of a lifetime when she’s chosen to work on a summer dig in Loch Maree, Scotland. The ancient monoliths hidden beneath the loch are the most important discovery since Stonehenge. And for seven hundred years, they have been waiting—for her.

Saturation diver Quinn Douglas is contracted to recover some of the megaliths from the loch’s bottom. The job will breathe life into the struggling salvage business he and his brothers are building. But from the moment he arrives, Quinn is plagued by dreams and feelings from a past he did not live. Or did he?

Regan and Quinn are drawn to each other as they research the monoliths and the reason behind their shared visions. But both sense something mystical at work, delving into their minds, manipulating their emotions. And when they finally discover the monoliths’ extraordinary secret, they know they must seal them away from those who are desperate to unlock their power. Even if it means remaining caught in a timeless struggle between the past and present forever.

I'm not sure that Deep Within The Mind will be the last book in the Superstition Series. I'm forever tripping over new ideas for books. And after my next two SEAL books come out... Hot SEAL, Open Arms due out October 25, 2022  it's available for preorder now. and Building Courage my next SEAL Team Heartbreaker Book, who knows what I might come up with. 

I'm obsessed with what I do and I love it so much. 
I couldn't do what I do without all of you, dear readers. 
Thanks to all of you. 
Read on,
Teresa Reasor 


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