A New Release in the SEALS In Paradise Series!! Becca Jameson's Brown Eyed Girl

A permanent heat wave has engulfed Kentucky.  I have sweated buckets since it hit. I'm thinking of 

investing in Gatorade stock. I hope wherever you hail from dear reader it's cooler. 

 I'm thrilled to announce another release in the SEALS In Paradise Series. As of July 12th, Becca 

Jameson's Hot SEAL, Brown Eyed Girl is released. 

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Letting a man flirt with her at a bar is a huge boost to her ego, but what if the wants more?

Elaina's been raising her son alone for ten years. She's cautious about dating and even more cautious about introducing someone to her son. 

Ty has earned the nickname Flirt with the SEAL team. He can woo any woman easily, especially

on karaoke night. Which works out perfectly when he spots the brown-eyed girl sitting at the bar. 

Their lives are too complicated. She's ten years older than him. She can't have more kids. She also can't seem to stay away from him.

Ty is the whole package.  He's an amazing brother, uncle, and boyfriend. It doesn't hurt that he also rocks her world in the bedroom. He's impossible to deny.

when his sister's ex shows up in town with a grudge, their relationship is put to the test. Ty can't protect everyone every second of every day But can he be there when it really counts? 

EXTRA News!!

Also, Becca Jameson will be going to Kallypsocon this year. I've participated in 2 Kallypsocons in 2015 and 2019 and I have to tell you I had a blast both times.  

Want to spend a weekend with a small group of readers and authors in Portland, Oregon, this September? This is the time to sign up. The con is intimate, friendly, and you will eat well!! Four buffet meals are included in the registration fee and the featured authors will pick up the tab for lots of goodies you'll enjoy during the weekend. This years theme is Everyday Heros focusing on books about firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, and hospital trauma staff as main characters. Check out the lineup!

There are still a few tickets left!! Here's the link to register: https://kallypsomasters.com/kallypsocon-2022/

Other news!! 

I've passed the twenty-five thousand-word mark with Hot SEAL, Open Arms and I'm making steady progress. I never know how long my books will be until I write The End but this one feels like a fifty-thousand-word book at least. I plan to have it finished by the end of this month so I can send it on to my editor.  Hot SEAL, Open Arms is available for preorder. See the links below. 

Navy SEAL Wyatt Taylor is facing the hardest decision of his life—What the hell to do now he can no longer be a SEAL. Besides his bum arm, he also has a bad attitude, because in his opinion nothing he'll ever do again will live up to his life as a SEAL. But now his savings are dwindling and his team has deployed without him, he knows he has to move on.

Kinley Green is living her dream. She's worked with horses for years, training them, caring for them and riding them. And now with a grant in hand, she's finally able to put her horses and her expertise with disabled children to use on a working ranch. 

When Wyatt Taylor walks in with his killer smile asking for a job, she sees trouble...but he knows horses and has intimate knowledge of what disability is all about. And she does need the help.

But when trouble strikes, threatening her business, her horses and her life...will he prove to be the right man for the job?

Hot SEAL, Open Arms will be available October 25, 2022.  I know that's a long way off, but there are several other ladies in our group who will be releasing books in the series in the next few months.  And there are 40 books in the series already released for you to enjoy. 

Check out our Paradise Authors Page on Amazon and browse the books available. 

I love writing this series. It's fun and it allows me to work with a great group of authors. 

Also, in case you didn't know, I released the third book in my Superstition Series, Deep Within the Mind the end of May.

I hope you'll check it out.

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Superstition, Kentucky harbors the largest supernatural population in the state. Mythical creatures and people with unusual abilities rub shoulders with average men and women in the small mountain town.

Vet Harper Montgomery has a secret. She's a powerful psychic who hides behind her professional persona—until she has a vision of a child being abducted and rescues her. When she starts experiencing more unusual visions and reports them, she captures a Superstition police detective's interest.
Detective Miles Barrett is new to Superstition, Kentucky and unaware of the hidden part of the population he serves, until he meets Harper. He doesn't believe in her ability, but he's searching for a monster who's already killed four women while leaving behind almost no evidence, so he's willing to give Harper a chance.
For the first time in her life, Harper is having more and more trouble controlling her gift, until she realizes she's under attack by an evil too powerful to comprehend.

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