Saturday, December 1, 2012

Timeless- Writing cross genre books

Writing Timeless my Cross Genre-Paranormal- Science Fiction book

I’m quickly learning that writing things out of the norm makes it difficult to sell books. My book Timeless sold 442 copies in the month of October.  And I’m proud of that. It’s a book that took me three years and a trip to Scotland to write. And I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written.

But it hasn’t sold as well as my Navy SEAL romances.

I know that military romance is BIG. And I love my Navy SEALs. They’re all alpha, macho, tough hot, and OMG handsome ---well you get the gist. 

But Quinn Douglas is all those things and then some. He works in a specialized, very dangerous field of deep salvage diving. He plays the flute in his off weeks, because when you are saturated to a specific depth you usually work up to a month living inside the pot and going down as deep as you’re saturated.

In my minds eye he’s Gerard Butler mixed with a little Adrian Paul. OMG. Are you drooling yet?

He’s tough, smart, alpha and a really hot lover. And he dives like a Navy SEAL. Well actually more and better than a Navy SEAL. And he’s very strong because he’s had to work up to 8 hours a day beneath water pressure guaranteed to leave your muscles shaking like jello. So he’s strong, both physically and mentally.

And he’s faithful, generous, and loves profoundly. What better characteristics can a hero have?

My heroine Regan Stanhope is an Archeologist. She comes from a tough background where her mother was mentally unbalanced (or was she) and a drug addict. She may have taken drugs to escape the visions she had.  And Regan was placed up for adoption.

The book is an unusual combination of paranormal because the characters have a connection to each other and experience paranormal visions throughout the book. It’s also Science fiction dealing with the healing and regenerative properties of magnetic fields and the possibilities of being able to cross over into other dimensions through the use of them.

Should I have categorized it as a Paranormal or as Science Fiction?  You’ll have to let me know after you’ve read the book.

I’d love your opinion!!!!

Timeless Blurb

Archaeology student, Regan Stanhope, lands the chance of a lifetime when she’s chosen to work on a summer dig in Loch Maree, Scotland. The ancient monoliths hidden beneath the loch are the most important discovery since Stonehenge. And for seven hundred years, they have been waiting—for her.

Saturation diver Quinn Douglas is contracted to recover some of the megaliths from the loch’s bottom. The job will breathe life into the struggling salvage business he and his brothers are building. But from the moment he arrives, Quinn is plagued by dreams and feelings from a past he did not live. Or did he?

Regan and Quinn are drawn to each other as they research the monoliths and the reason behind their shared visions. But both sense something mystical at work, delving into their minds, manipulating their emotions. And when they finally discover the monoliths’ extraordinary secret, they know they must seal them away from those who are desperate to unlock their power. Even if it means remaining caught in a timeless struggle between the past and present forever.

Read on,
Teresa J. Reasor


Faith Freewoman said...

Speaking as one who's read Tmeless, your wonderful characters are all that and more! This is a very enticing blog piece ... I'm gonna Teeet it.

Cheers, Faith

Tina B said...

This story sounds intriguing! I am adding it to my TBR. :)