Saturday, December 1, 2012

Willy C. Sparks: The Dragon Who Lost His Fire

On November 28th my children's book, Willy C. Sparks: The Dragon Who Lost His Fire, was released in ebook and print at Amazon.

 Willy C. Sparks is a grumpy dragon and when he unexpectedly loses his fire, he rushes to the dragon doctor. The doctor's explosive cure teaches Willy that a grumpy attitude may have some serious consequences and that laughter is often the best medicine.

I hope to have it available at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble next week. 

This has been a month long project. Getting the color just right in the print edition was  a learning experience. The color of a JPG image prints differently in each process. So it took some time, but I'm very thrilled with the images.  

Here's a few I've shared on Amazon.

It took me three months to draw the illustrations and get them just as I wanted them.
Also to release the book in ebook format took some manipulating, thanks to my formatter, Lee, from Iron Horse Formatting,  it looks great on ipad, kindle fire, or nook and of course on the computer.  

Teresa J. Reasor

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