Sunday, September 11, 2016

Have Wand, Will Travel An Update, the Blurb, & $.99 Bargains

I've finished HAVE WAND, WILL TRAVEL. It's 34,421 words of fun and laughs.  I loved writing the novella, had the best time with my characters and several laugh out loud moments with them. 
The novella will be released October 19th with a group of other authors' novellas. Here's a list of the ladies involved. 

Here's a link to an earlier blog with links to free or $.99 books written by all the ladies. 

 I love my cover. Tracy Stewart my cover artist is fantastic. 

My witch Zaira has a unusual familiar. His name is Cerbie and he is a direct descendant of Cerberus the dog that guards the gates of hell. He's a stubby Jack Russell terrier with an attitude. Just like my daughter's dog Colby.

Here's the blurb: 

A soul-sucking wand, a witch, a vampire and a hellhound.  ‘Nuff said.   

Private detective and gifted witch Zaira O’Shea has built her reputation on her ability to always find her relic, magical device, or man. When the Witches’ Council hires her to find and return a stolen wand, she can’t refuse, and she’s eager to recover the device. Until the clues lead her to a vampire with fallen-angel good looks, and talents that don’t require a bite to lead her into temptation.

History professor and vampire Christophe Bakas has brushed off his cat burglar skills to steal a powerful wand for the Vampire Council, but only because they are holding his uncle hostage. When he meets Zaira, he hopes he’s found someone who’ll help with the rescue. But from their first teleportation he’s hooked on more than her flying skills.

The more they learn about the wand, the more Chris and Zaira believe neither council can be trusted with the dangerous device. With both councils closing in, they’re forced to go on the run. Only the vacationing Baba Yaga can help them make sure the wand isn't used to destroy the careful balance between witch and vampire kind. If they can find her.

Assjacket, West Virginia here they come. 

I wanted to thank Robyn Peterman for inviting me to write in her Magic and Mayhem World. It's been so much fun!!

Though this is my first Paranormal Romantic Comedy, I have written paranormal romance and urban fantasy before. I have 3 full length novels and a paranormal Steampunk short story (14,000 words) available. 

Deep Within The Shadows  $.99
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Whisper In My Ear
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An Automated Death $.99

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I appreciate you all. 
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