New Release for Cynthia D'Alba in the SEALS IN Paradise Series and other news

 Summer is winding down and I’m looking forward to some cooler temperatures and I bet you are too. It’s been hotter than Hades here in Kentucky and then we had horrible floods throughout the southeast. (I’ve experienced this myself growing up. It’s heartbreaking.) But Kentuckians are a tough breed and those affected are digging out and trying to rebuild. My heart and prayers go out to them all. 

A wonderful group of 30 authors have come together to raise money for flood victims in an anthology titled Backing the Blue Grass.  Here’s a list:   Chasity Bowlin, Glenna Maynard, Laramie Briscoe, A. Gorman, Andi Jaxon, Jami Denise, Carson Mackenzie, Kallypso Masters, M. Leigh Morhaime, Jessie Lane, Brooke Summers & Stella Bella, Summer Winters, Brandy Munroe, Christine Donovan, Tracy Broemmer, Morgan James, Melissa Filla and Jaime Russell, Shannon O'Connor, AJ Alexander, E.L.Johnson, Jay Leigh Brown, D.M. Earl, Renea Porter, E.S. McMillan, Tiffany Carby, KD Michaels, Jennie L. Morris, H.C. Bentley, Melody Ash, Samantha Baca, Bella Lane, Anna Brooks, Sunny Mawson.

Here's the link to preorder:

The anthology will be released August 31 and you’ll be able to download your preordered copy from Book Funnel.  For more information you can go to Laramie Briscoe’s face book page

I’m still plugging along with Hot SEAL, Open Arms. I’m currently 45,000 words in and am winding things up for my October 25th release. If you’re interested in preordering here are the cover, blurb and links.  

Navy SEAL Wyatt Taylor is facing the hardest decision of his life—what the hell to do now he can no longer be a SEAL. Besides his bum arm, he also has a bad attitude, because in his opinion nothing he’ll ever do again will live up to his life as a SEAL. But now his savings are dwindling and his team has deployed without him, he knows he has to move on. 

Kinley Green is living her dream.  She’s worked with horses for years, training them, caring for them, and riding them. And now with a grant in hand, she’s finally able to put her horses and her expertise with disabled children to use on a working ranch. 

When Wyatt Taylor walks in with his killer smile asking for a job, she sees trouble… But he knows horses and has intimate knowledge of what disability is all about.  And she does need the help.
But when trouble strikes, threatening her business, her horses and her life… Will he prove to be the right man for the job? 

Fellow SEALS In Paradise author and friend Cynthia D’Alba is gearing up for an August 23rd release!!!  That's today!!! (We’ve been writing in this series for five years now.) I hope you’ll check her new release out!! 

Hot SEAL, Girl Crush: A Navy SEAL Single Dad-Sister's Best Friend Romance 
Have you ever been in love-lust-craving for a person who doesn’t know you exist? Well, Isabella Paxton, aka Izzy, knows the feeling. She has been in love-lust-craving for her best friend’s older brother since the day she met him. She’s sure Eric Thorsten knows she exists, but only as his sister’s friend. How can she make him see her as the adult woman she is?

Eric is relieved when his sister arrives to help with his new daughter, but she drags her best friend alone. Izzy Paxton is not the fresh-faced teenager he remembers. Her beauty and charm get his motor running, but there are lines he won’t cross. Having a fling with his sister’s best friend is one of them. The more time they spend together, the more the line blurs between gratitude and love.

There are now 40 books available in the SEALS In Paradise series. And three more releasing this year. Here’s the link to the Paradise Authors Page where you can see them all.

Kally Masters has released the third of a series of books in her Rescue Me series.
Forever Bound is out!!

“Eyes on me.” He took a step back.
She opened her eyes wide as if surprised by her body’s response to his command. Adam smiled. “Ka-thunk!?” 
He loved making her stomach drop into her pelvis as she surrendered to him.
“Yes, Sir. I’ve missed that feeling.”
Adam kissed her cheek and whispered, “So have I, Kitten. So have I.”

Fans of these books will love reconnecting with Adam and Karla in the latest installment of the Rescue Me Saga Extras series.

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